From January 1, 2021, going to work in the "Celestial Empire" for football players will become less profitable than it was before.

The leadership of the Chinese Super League decided to impose restrictions on the wages of legionnaires in order to raise the level of their own national team. It is reported by BBC Sport.

According to the source, from January 1, 2021, a foreign footballer on a contract with a club from China will be able to receive no more than three million euros per year. The maximum salary for local players with Chinese citizenship will be approximately 630 thousand euros per year.

Teams that violate the above limits will be penalized up to 24 points in the standings. They may also prohibit participation in competitions for those players whose salary will exceed the approved salary ceiling.

CFA President Chen Xuan said that the Chinese Super League (CSL) clubs are spending about 10 times that of the South Korean K-League and three times the Japanese J-League spends, but Chinese national team is far behind.

Recall Hulk saying that he would not renew the contract with Shanghai SIPG. The Brazilian has already said goodbye to both the fans and the leadership of the Chinese club. It is worth noting that salary restrictions will apply not only to the Super League, but also to the lower divisions of the country.