So, let's move a little in time, and to be precise, in April 2017, then on the 8th, Coutinho scores a goal against Stoke City, becoming the Premier League's top scorer among Brazilians. Already in the summer, Barcelona arranged the loudest transfer in history, giving Neymar to Paris Saint-Germain for a crazy 222 million euros. Then you immediately had to think about a receiver that would really be able to close the position of the left winger, or was it bought to replace Iniesta, who was clearly going to finish? The Liverpool bosses understood that there is money in Catalonia, and they have great talent in their prime in their prime, a ready star, not otherwise. Barcelona sent three transfer requests to Merseyside over the summer, but received some incredible numbers in return. Liverpool clearly wanted to shake things up, agreeing to give the player for 200 million euros, but the negotiations were postponed until winter. January 2018, Coutinho officially transfers to Barcelona for space money, about 120 million euros and more than 160 million including bonuses.

It seems that Barcelona hit the jackpot by buying a ready-made Premier League star, and for less money than they sold Neymar, which means there is an opportunity to strengthen other positions. This is how everyone imagined the transfer of the Brazilian, who made his childhood dream come true.

Already at the end of January, Filipe will make his debut for Barcelona, and at the end of the year he became the 12th player in the number of minutes spent on the field in La Liga, gaining 13 points in G + P, which is quite impressive considering that he has only six months at the club ...

But gradually Coutinho becomes a real burden for the age team, the Brazilian, who is not used to rough work, did not work out in defense, and with Messi and Suarez it is simply unforgivable, as well as constant damage that does not allow to gain the proper form.

Coutinho actually became a hostage to his price, because he is a star, and the stars must play, as Valverde said, who was obliged to release the Brazilian in every game, but Filipe became a "foreign body." He was losing out on the spectrum of possibilities to each player in each position. Unable to find the proper place on the pitch, Barcelona sent Coutinho to Munich for a year for 8.5 million euros, with a 120 million euros redemption option. “Bavaria” has drawn up a successful deal, having recruited a great performer into the team for little money, and without a mandatory ransom. Filipe was a substitute player, with this role he coped well, gaining 14 points on the G + P system.

Ironically, almost a year later (14 August), Coutinho, with Bayern Munich, faced Barcelona in the quarterfinals of the European Cup. Bayern were not considered the clear favorites in this meeting, but Barcelona had enough problems: the resignation of the coach mid-season, lack of motivation and internal conflicts with the management. Bayern Munich destroyed the Catalan club on all counts, while Coutinho nailed the dream club as a substitute midway through the second half. 7 minutes after leaving, he gave an assist to the best forward of 2020, and then scored two goals, showing how he can and what he is capable of. Bayern will win that Champions League, and Coutinho will still get his gold medal, and then go on to conquer Spain, but it will not work out very well.

Coutinho never found himself in Catalonia, becoming only a pale shadow of himself, one cannot say that he is a bad player, but the expectations placed on him were not even half justified. Barcelona continues to fall, with a host of debt problems and Lionel Messi's huge salary. The Spanish grand took a bunch of attempts to sell the Brazilian, but all attempts are in vain, no one is ready to give a lot of money for him.

It seems that Rivaldo clearly explained the situation with his compatriot:

"Looking at the possible transfers, I think Coutinho's time is coming to an end. They are interested in him in England, and perhaps Barcelona could get some good money from his sale, which will save other players, for example, Dembele and Griezmann."

"Coutinho has never been able to show his best football in Spain. Since his best time was in England, I am sure there will be clubs interested in him and willing to pay significant sums, although not exactly what Barcelona paid Liverpool."