The Welsh Football Club Wrexham Fan Council overwhelmingly approved a proposal by Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney to buy the club.

Now the club, which plays in the fifth English division, belongs to his fans. A video message from the cast has already appeared on Wrexham's tweets, advertising the team's sponsor, horse trailer maker Irof Williams Trailers, and confirming that they are becoming the football club owners. Shortly before the announcement of Wrexham fans' consent to the new owners, Reynolds sent bottles of Aviation gin, which he owns, to establishments in Wrexham as a gift.

Why Reynolds and McElhenney have a football club in Wales is not reported. Both of them are US citizens of Irish origin, with no ties to Wales. According to Reynolds, he wants to turn Wrexham into a global brand and sees no reason why the club cannot have fans worldwide.

Wrexham is one of the oldest football clubs in the world, founded in 1864. Despite the fact that Wrexham competes in the English championships, he became the champion of Wales more than 20 times and participated in the UEFA Cup. Until the mid-2000s, Wrexham played in the English Football League but then dropped to the lower divisions.

In the media, information about this event began to appear in early November, but Reynolds was in no hurry to share important news with fans. Now fellow actors have recorded a joke video and posted it on the team's Twitter account.

In the video, Reynolds said that he and Rob are immensely pleased with the acquisition and are already starting to work on the team's activities, and McElhenney thanked the Rexham Team Support Fund for their faith and trust in them as new owners. Now the football club goes into full funding for the actors. Ryan also announced plans to make this team the leading one.