On the reporting day, the group stage of the European Championship 2020 also came to its logical conclusion for Quartet B, where the clear favorite in the fight for the first place the Belgian national team had crystallized earlier, but the remaining three teams still had to fight hard for the opportunity to continue their participation in this tournament The Danish national team had the worst starting positions with zero in the "Scored points" column, it met with the Russian national team in its native Parken in Copenhagen, having only one favorable scenario a victory over Stanislav Cherchesov's team.

Russia started the tournament with a predictable defeat for Belgium (0: 3), followed by a strategically important minimum victory in Finland (1: 0), which put the "owls" at a deliberately disadvantageous position under the conditions of a correspondence struggle in the final round. As for Denmark, the result of its game against all the same Finns in the first round (0: 1) remained noticed only thanks to the notes on paper, for all known reasons, but past the titanic efforts of the "Scarlet Guard" in the game against the "Red Devils" "it was simply impossible to pass (1: 2).

The teams began with a horse fight for the ball concentrated near the center of the field, which practically ruled out any dangerous moments in the first quarter of the game hour. Their native tribunes noticeably pressed the Danes, so certain haste in their actions could be easily explained. But even in such conditions, it was too risky to miss the opponents' counterattacks. Golovin could have distinguished himself with a scored ball in the course of one of those, but Schmeichel played brilliantly with his feet while repelling a blow from the right flank. Hulmand's charges received the alarming signal, but, most importantly, it was correctly processed.

Denmark immediately decided to stop crushing the ball in attempts to lead it into someone else's penalty area, focusing on long-range shots. And if Hoybjerg with his cannon from an average distance only frightened Safonov, then from his transfer to the zone in front of the possessions of the goalkeeper of Russia, after a few minutes, Damsgaard put an absolute masterpiece in the upper right corner. The relatively late goal before the break allowed the Danes to feel calm in the remaining playing time until the fifteen-minute break.

At the beginning of the second half of the match, the Russians rather dangerously put pressure on their opponents at the other's penalty area and seriously exposed the zone in their half of the field. As a result, Cherchesov's team looked exclusively at the attack. At the same time, some of its performers, particularly Roman Zobnin, in the 59th minute, decided to launch the offensive by transferring back to his penalty area to Poulsen, who did not lose his head in the episode, cold-bloodedly outplaying Safonov.

On the already mentioned attempts to play aggressively in the opponent's half of the field, the nominal hosts managed to create a moment for a penalty, when in the 68th minute, Sobolev turned Westergor in the center of the penalty area, after which he was sent to the lawn with a foul Dziuba struck from the "point" right into the center of the goal, However, the joy of the Russians from scoring the ball is comparatively short, since nine minutes later, a long-range strike from Christensen, who delivered a crushing shot from a rebound in front of someone else's penalty area, arrived.

Joachim Mehle consolidated the success of Hjulmand's team very soon, who managed to complete the dash into the counter-attack with the left flank with an aimed strike at the close one from under the defender already inside someone else's penalty. At these moments, the "scarlet guard" completely outplayed its rival, so it is not surprising that more dangerous situations did not arise at its gates.
As a result, the standings of group B received the following final form: the first place remained with Belgium, in the second line with three points, as well as all the remaining teams, Denmark was in the asset, Finland retained the chances for the playoffs, and Russia ended its performance for Euro 2020.

Russia - Denmark 1: 4
Goals: Dziuba, 72 (pen.) - Damsgaard, 38, Poulsen, 59, Christensen, 79, Mehle, 82.

Russia: Safonov - Fernandez, Diveev, Dzhikia, Kudryashov (Karavaev, 68), Kuzyaev (Mukhin, 67) - Miranchuk (Sobolev, 61), Ozdoev (Zhemaletdinov, 61), Zobnin, Golovin - Dzyuba.

Denmark: Schmeichel - Christensen, Kjer, Westergaard, Mehle - Wass (Striger Larsen, 60), Heubjerg, Delaney (Jensen, 86) - Poulsen (Dolberg, 60), Damsgaard (Nergor, 72), Brightwaite (Cornelius, 85).

Warnings: Kudryashov, Diveev - Delaney