Relations between Argentina and Brazil are already not the best, especially when it comes to football battles. After the recent well-known incident, relations between the countries have become even colder.

Brazilian health officials who burst onto the pitch to detain and deport four Argentina footballers are another twist on South America's biggest international rivalry. The game has been canceled, and FIFA must decide what happens next.

Yes, the situation is strange. But believe me, this is not the only episode in football history when matches were canceled or canceled for unusual reasons. will tell you about such cases.

Eclipse in 1999 at Torquay

Solar eclipses happen more than once in a lifetime. They have been known about them for thousands of years, so there is no need to say that it happened completely unexpectedly.

It's about the once glorious English club, now going through hard times Torquay United. Torquay police canceled the 1999 League Cup first-round match against Portsmouth to anticipate an influx of tourists eager to see the eclipse.

The postponed match ended with a dismal 0: 0 score, so it might not have been worth playing at all.

Bomb at Old Trafford

In 2016, for the season's final match, the Sky Sports team aired a pre-match report from the Old Trafford car park. But not because of some TV initiative to bring journalists closer to fans.

When fans began to enter Manchester United stadium, it was announced that a bag had been left in the stadium's toilets. The match was immediately canceled, and the Sky Sports team and fans were evacuated. Despite the fact that the game was canceled, dozens of fans of Bournemouth, with whom Manchester United was to play, crowded outside the stadium and watched the search for the bomb.

For the first time in 24 years, a Premier League match has been rescheduled for security reasons. The package in question was described as an incredibly realistic explosive device, but it turned out that it was not a bomb.

Goalless football is not played

A run-of-the-mill match between England's lower division Southwest between Teignmouth and Crediton United was scheduled to take place in August 2018 but had to be postponed for three days when it became clear there was no goal on the field.

Teignmouth's management ordered a new goal shortly before the game, but they never came. You ask: "Where was the old gate?" And we will answer: "History is silent." Perhaps they were taken out of the stadium territory. When asked by the coaching staff of the guests, the hosts just shrugged their shoulders.

The match in Crediton also could not be rescheduled, as their stadium was rented out for an unknown event. The teams finished the game when the new gate was nevertheless set. Now American football is also played on the field of this club.

Match canceled due to cheese show

Perhaps the most quintessentially English football club move, not counting any replacement by Sean Deitch From Town, rescheduled the 2015 game against Chippenham Town to interfere with the cheese show.

The annual milk extravaganza regularly attracts tens of thousands of tourists to the small town, which, alas, is not famous for its football club. In this case, the cheese show took priority.

Flu in Middlesbrough

Although the most famous case of mass illness in the Premier League squad was the poisoning of half of Tottenham's players with lasagna in 2006, Spurs are known to have played their match and lost the battle for the Champions League to West Ham. The same cannot be said for Middlesbrough in 1997.

Twenty-four hours before the game against Blackburn, Borough said that coach Brian Robson had lost 16 players due to the flu epidemic. Teessiders were fined 50,000 minus three points in the piggy bank. And yes, at the end of the season, Middlesbrough went to the Championship.

Destruction of the Velodrome before Madonna's concert

Madonna is no stranger to concert cancellations and other unusual situations. In 2015, one of her backing dancers pulled her off the stage by her cloak at the British Awards. Perhaps this case is one of the most famous.

However, in 2009, the Velodrome stadium in Marseille was inaccessible for Marseille's home game of the season due to a collapse of the stage before Madonna's concert. At one point, the partially assembled roof fell, pulling a construction crane with it. The collapse killed a 53-year-old French worker, and two more people, an Englishman and an American were seriously injured. One of them later died in the hospital.

An investigation was carried out into the incident; as a result, Marseille was temporarily left without a stadium.

Scandal in the match Estonia Scotland

In 1996, Scotland was to face Estonia in the qualifying match for the World Cup.
The night before the game, Scotland trained at Kadrioru Stadium, where they felt that a single floodlight would not be enough for the game. The Scots protested to FIFA, which sympathized with them, and promoted the game from the start of 18:45 to 15:00.

Estonia, in turn, remained unhappy, especially given the potential loss of television revenues. It was expected that the Estonian national team would be late for the match in protest, but everything went so far that the match did not start at all - the referee blew the whistle after three seconds. This is because the Estonians did not enter the field.

Rather than awarding the Scots a 3-0 victory, FIFA ordered a match at the Louis II stadium in Monaco. Estonia goalkeeper Mart Poom impressed the English Derby scouts in a rematch and signed a contract with them. But there was also a downside to the medal in that game - Scotland's midfielder Ian Ferguson fought with the fans when leaving the field.

Exhibition match during World War II

In 2020, an invitation leaflet was found in the football archives for an exhibition match on the island of Guernsey between the teams of Les Voxbelets Old Boys and Continental.

Nazi Germany occupied Guernsey during World War II. The Continental team consisted of forced laborers and prisoners of war, while Les Voxbelets consisted of residents.

However, the match was canceled at 11:00 am after the Nazi troops began to fear that the prisoners of war would use the game as an excuse to escape. They even made a film based on this plot.