The England national team managed to beat the Ukrainian national team in Rome (4:0), thanks to which they created confident support for themselves to win the 2020 European Championship since they will be able to play the next two matches in the stands of their native Wembley.

Ukraine England 0: 4 Video goals and match review

The English press has always been strict with Gareth Southgate's team. However, the closer their team comes to the decisive confrontation for the Henri Delaunay Cup, the more the degree of criticism towards the "Three Lions" decreases. After the reporting game, we were once again convinced of this.


"Southgate gave the team a cold shower after Germany" this thesis begins an article on one of the largest sports resources in the UK.

The BBC actually did not pay attention to the game of the Ukrainian national team, since, according to the editorial board, their national team in this match did everything to ensure that the rivals did not influence the result: "There is still an incomprehensible feeling from watching England's game it should not be, however, we expected that the match against Ukraine would be a bright wrapper for the victory at the previous stage, but the Southgate team once again played in their new style, proving the efficiency of such a system.

Now, even those who previously believed that a constant dark cloud of pessimism accompanied England's support can feel a little sunlight shining through them. It would be foolish to neutralize the danger of Denmark, but England in such a mood and form should not be afraid of anyone. The guardian

"England played like in dreams, but with such a confident Southgate team, it is a reality" the headline from the resource columnist Jonathan Liu leaves no room for thought; the editors of this resource are also pleased with the performance of their national team.

"When did you start to realize that this match was somehow strange? Perhaps it was the moment when the German referee performed the last act of patronizing mercy: he finished the game in the 90th minute without stoppage time. Perhaps it happened when Gareth Southgate, without much effort, made a triple substitution midway through the second half, cementing his rivals' uncompetitive status, perhaps when Jordan Henderson hell Jordan Henderson! Scored his first-ever international goal and led England to a 4 0, to the semifinals of a major tournament, and celebrate it with an impromptu punch in the air? Let's be honest, it flashed through his head then: "I didn't think I had to prepare for the goal celebrations."

The promise of a dangerous minefield walking against the fast and fearless Ukrainian national team vanished in one hot hour in Rome. Victorious, vengeful, and justified, Gareth Southgate and his team return home to play in the semifinals against oh, who cares. Let's all get drunk and spread over the sofas!

People will continue to complain because, in the end, people like to do it. People will continue to criticize England because they like to criticize England. This is a normal, natural way of life.

But the rest of us who have seen Team Southgate advance their own way with perfect pace and hidden intentions in the current campaign, which many have assumed will end on the first worthy opponent, now have the right to dream big. For now, England can act with complete confidence in Comrade Gareth, his gang of reconstructed Marxists, and his impeccable five-year plan.

Was it a perfect night? An insidious question. When you're a fan of England, perfection is a chimera. Every triumph is just an invitation to arrogance; each new dawn is just an anticipation of disappointment. In a way, you wondered if England would be better off here to suffer a little: stumble, butt with rivals, remind itself of its basic mortality.

But perhaps this is how old tough England speaks in us. In a parallel universe, England has two games at Wembley to become European champions, and that doesn't even give us any fear. Truly, we are in uncharted territory. The independent

"England finally showed a performance that fully justifies the tactics chosen by Southgate it was just a small detail of an ideal night in Rome" the next British publication does not even try to fit Andriy Shevchenko's team into the context of this confident victory of his national team.

"The team is now definitely moving towards the grand final of Euro 2020 at Wembley, and this victory over Ukraine really made us believe that we can lift the Henri Delaunay Cup over our heads. But in this match there was also a feeling when you thought - isn't it too boring? England showed the open football requested by many but still kept themselves in hand to the last. Most likely, even in the match against Germany, there was a turning point, and now nothing will make Southgate's charges doubt their own superiority.

Even if Ukraine was an imperfect rival, Southgate had no idea before the game what that night would ultimately turn into. Definitely, the team should only get better after that. Now it seems ridiculous, but there was a time when the movement of Ukraine in pressure, especially - Roman Yaremchuk, gave England more problems than they were in all the matches earlier in this tournament combined.

Raheem Sterling remains the most outstanding player on this roster. Perhaps it is no coincidence that the team has risen to the same level as him. As compelling as this victory may be, Sterling's influence in the uncertain early stages should not be overlooked. In the beginning, there was a series of strong runs, which forced Ukraine to retreat 40 meters deep, as he often changed the pace of movement of the entire team himself.

Now I wonder how far things will go in the end. The Southgate team not only breaks down all barriers but also provides an answer to every criticism. But the most important detail remains the consequences of this victory - England reached the semifinals in two consecutive major tournaments for the first time since 1968 and only for the second time in their history."

The Telegraph

Another case when the Ukrainian team is assigned the role of a static observer of the "excellent game of England."

"There are some big games in the life of any manager where he can stand on the sideline, take a deep breath in the night air, reflect on his great job and, frankly, enjoy the moment for a full 30 minutes. In Rome, that was Gareth Southgate's privilege.

This was something wonderful again for England. They managed to tame Euro 2020 so much that they returned to London early Sunday morning without conceding a single goal in five games of the tournament. What is this strange witchcraft?

Kane's goal forced Ukraine to abandon a tight game with five defenders and three spotting midfielders, and it got its momentum in the middle of the half when Walker once again lost orientation in space. Ukraine took an active part in the match, but then it was taken out of the tournament for an unsuccessful second half.

Shevchenko had room to maneuver at half-time, but the players did not follow through on his recommendations. Ukraine, in the end, was finished off on the standards."