Serbian striker of Italian Fiorentina Dusan Vlahovic is currently the club's main asset from Florence, continuing to amaze Serie A with his performance.

Last season, the 21-year-old scored 21 goals and two assists in 40 matches, and in the new football year, he scored 6+1 by goal+pass system in just eight games.

The more eminent clubs from Italy and abroad have already begun the hunt for such a hammered footballer, and the "lilies" tried to persuade their player to extend the contract expiring in the summer of 2023 but failed.

Fiorentina President Rocco Komisso, regarding the unsuccessful completion of negotiations with representatives of Vlahovic, even made an official appeal to the fans of the team and the football community.

"When I arrived in Florence, I promised the fans that I would be ahead of them and never made promises that I could not keep. Therefore, I would like to inform Fiorentina fans about the state of the problem, which has been much discussed in recent months oh Dusan Vlahovic's contract.

As you know, Fiorentina made a special offer to the player. It would make him the highest-paid player in club history. We have also improved our offer several times to meet the needs of both Dushan and his entourage. However, despite our efforts, these proposals were not accepted.

Having been in Florence for the past few weeks, I tried to find a solution that would make both the player and the club happy, but I am disappointed to say that our efforts and attempts have not succeeded.

At this point, all we can do is acknowledge the wishes of the player and those around him and quickly find possible and appropriate solutions as we continue this exciting season.

In any case, Dusan Vlahovic has a contract linking him with Fiorentina for the next 21 months. We do not doubt that the player will always do his part to help the team achieve its goals, demonstrating the same level of professionalism that he has shown since he came to Florence, with great respect from our fans and his team.

Clubs wishing to acquire a talented player should expect to pay at least 40 million euros in compensation - this is how much the Transfermarkt portal estimates the player.