One of the main negative sensations in the 2020/2021 season was Liverpool's performance. Nobody expected the failure of the Reds. In the previous Premier League draw, the team destroyed everyone and everything, thereby obtaining the first championship in 30 years. And the Lersisides started this season pretty well. Even during the New Year holidays, few doubted that it was Klopp's team that would wear gold medals on their breasts for the second time in a row.

It, by the way, distinguishes the failure of the "scouser" from the fall of other clubs-heroes of our material. They immediately fell. In Liverpool, the real fall happened closer to the middle of the season, even if there were hints of it in the form of 2: 7 from Aston Villa before. But it is still a fiasco, which is difficult to find reasonable explanations. Now Liverpool is seventh in the table, but a few rounds ago, it was even worse.

However, the article is not about that. We will talk about similar cases in the history of football. Cases where reigning champions fell as low as possible from their peaks. Of course, we will not mention all situations, because the history of football is too long, but we will talk about the main thing.

Season 1995/1996 1st place
1996/1997 season 11th place

In the 1995/1996 season, the Rossoneri won Serie A without too much trouble. The nearest pursuer gap, which turned out to be Juventus of Turin, was 8 points. Yes, in other tournaments, Fabio Capello's team did not grab stars from the sky, having taken off at the stage both in the National Cup and in the UEFA Cup, but they still recorded the season as an asset. No questions asked.

Moreover, according to the results of performances in the calendar year 1995, the current President of Liberia, George Weah, received the Golden Ball, who made a kind of castling by the "fashion capitals" before the season began. Let's decipher: moved from PSG to Milan.

Recall that this magnificent African striker became the first non-European to receive the honorary prize from France Football. And such great Italian forwards as Roberto Baggio, Marco Simone, and Paolo Di Canio were soloing with him in the devils' attack with varying success. The eminent Croat Zvonimir Boban also played a little lower Oh names, about morals!

However, the next season was the most disastrous. After the Scudetto, Fabio Capello left his homeland and conquered Madrid, where he headed Real. Patrick Vieira moved to London Arsenal, where he later became a captain and a living legend, Di Canio went to Celtic, and George Weah scored even more goals than in the previous draw, but the help to the team from them was no longer the same.

There was a leapfrog on the coaching bridge. The Rossoneri started the season with Oscar Tabares, whom most modern fans know exclusively as the Uruguayan national team's permanent coach, and continued with the legendary Arrigo Sacchi, who returned home, who came to save the main club of his life.

In addition to 11th place in the championship, the team reached a Cup relegation and a non-qualification from the Champions League group. Fiorentina also lost the Super Cup at the start of the season, but "that take" is an addition. Sacchi left the club, and the next city of his work, like Capello, was Madrid. True, here is Atlético, and a little later from 1998 to 1999. Unsuccessfully.

After a couple of years, Milan got well quickly and regained the title of the first team in Italy. And then came a new golden era with a Ukrainian flavor. But the way the classic says it is a completely different story.

2011/2012 - 1st place
2012/2013 - 9th place

Least known case on our list. Although all true fans of French football, we are sure that they see this story without fail and in the smallest details!

In the 2011/2012 season, the "paladins" created a real sensation. After all, who would have thought that a team that finished the previous rally in 14th place and three points from the relegation zone could win the championship ?! And this is already with quite a "sheik" PSG, even if they have "Middle Eastern" money only for the first season! True, the "capitals" are to blame for the loss of the title - what drove them when they, being in first place in the table, halfway replaced Antoine Comboiret by Carlo Ancelotti - is unclear. For the sake of a sounding name, you know.

Montpellier, by the way, in those days had no problems with such names either. At least one of them can be ranked the future Kyiv "Dynamo" Younes Belhand and the current Chelsea striker Olivier Giroud - oh, how this bunch was then admired in France!

At that time, blue-orange (what an oxymoron for Ukrainians!) Such notorious people also wore t-shirts as Mapu Yanga-Mbiwa, Benjamin Stambuli, and Rene Girard led the entire gang. It was he who gave France the second sensation in a row. Although Lille Rudy Garcia's championship fits into at least some framework, then this is - if you please.

Something like Leicester, only 4 years earlier. And in the championship, the level is simpler. By the way, in the photo below, next to Girard, you can contemplate the president of the "paladins", Louis Nicollen, who dyed his hair in club colors after such a victory.

But it was quite predicted that the team would fail next season. Gerard, by the way, finalized the 2012/2013 season, and this is the only such case on our list. Unless, of course, we do not take into account Liverpool Klopp - we do not believe that the German at the end of this season from Merseyside will be asked to leave.

However, what could one expect after leaving for London's Arsenal Giroud? The top scorer of Ligue 1 in the league season for a minute. Although not only his club decided to sell, but they did not find high-quality replacements. In general, the 9th place in the championship and the last in the Champions League group with Schalke, Arsenal (at least the good old friend didn't pass on the assists!) And Olympiacos.

Oh yes. They also lost the Super Cup at the beginning of the season, losing on penalties to Lyon.

2014/2015 - 1st place
2015/2016 - 10th place

A year before the start of the 2014/2015 season, the coach returned to Chelsea, under whose leadership the London club achieved great success in the mid-2000s - Jose Mourinho.

And although in the 2013/2014 draw, fate gave the "blue" only the third line in the table, in the 2014/2015 season, they became the first without any problems - with a margin of 8 points from the reigning champions, which were Manchester from City. True, in the game with the "citizens" on September 21, 2014, perhaps one of the most unpleasant moments for Chelsea fans happened - Frank Lampard, who moved to the city in the summer, scored at their goal! And he did it at the end of the game, leveling the score and turning it into 1: 1.

And let the "blue" have given Lampard but returned Didier Drogba. Of course, the leading scorer of that team was Diego Costa, but in the combination of Drogba-Mourinho, there was plenty of symbolism. And this is also why the team won both the Premier League and the League Cup. It didn't work out with the FA Cup and the Champions League. Although it didn't work out - it's about the whole next season. Of course, against the background of Lester's championship, absolutely everything has faded there. And for Chelsea, everything was just not thanked God - from the scandals named after Mourinho-Eva Carneiro and ending with the results.

But a banal question: why ?! After all, the club, by and large, no one left. The departure of the barely returned Drogba, like Cech, can be called a kind of rejuvenation of the composition. The return to Atletico Felipe Luis cannot be called a great loss since the Brazilian did not succeed in playing in foggy Albion. Right-hander Azpilicueta looked better on the left in defense.

In general, that season both began with a defeat to Arsenal in the Super Bowl and ended in 10th place in the Premier League, as well as elimination in the early stages of the national Cups and the Champions League. Although Dynamo Kyiv, as we remember, the "blues" in the group were ahead of, and then in 1/8 flew away from PSG. By the way, already under Guus Hiddink's leadership, who also headed the club for the second time. He replaced the "Special" in his post in December.

And the next season, Chelsea, already under Antonio Conte's leadership, became the champion again.

Season 2015/2016 - 1st place
Season 2016/2017 - 12th place

Perhaps, in our collection, there is no such obvious case where the failure was so foreseen. Yes, maybe someone at this point will remember Montpellier, but that case is not so much publicized, and some even, perhaps, only learned about it through reading this text.

Lester Claudio Ranieri's fairytale season was one of those stories that are hard to believe. He was an example of what we love football for. It was a beautiful children's fairy tale, and its main characters are the Italian specialist himself, Kasper Schmeichel, N'Golo Kante, Riyad Marez, Jamie Vardi, and others. Too much has been written on the topic of that miracle, and therefore if we dwell on it in more detail, then at the end, we will get a separate long read. And you and I have gathered here today, not for this.

In the 2016/2017 draw, everything was predicted to go awry. First, defeat in the country's Super Cup (how typical in our selection, everyone had such a herald, even Liverpool!) From Manchester United, then defeat after defeat in the Premier League, and the only bright spot in the form of 1st place in the group Champions League. Yes, in not the strongest group, but still. Further in 1/8, the "foxes" passed Sevilla (3: 2) and then were eliminated from another Spanish team - Atletico (1: 2). By the way, Ranieri was fired after being defeated by Sevilla in the first leg.

The season was refined with the team by acting Craig Shakespeare. However, the surname did not add any poetry to Lester's game. It was predicted to be a disastrous season - even though the team of all the leaders lost before its start only N'Golo Kante. And here's an interesting detail that refers us to a parallel with the previous part of the article: if Chelsea again became the champion after a season of failure, Leicester won his only gold, before that only by a miracle escaped.

Yes, in the 2014/2015 season, Nigel Pearson's team remained in the elite, largely due to a happy coincidence. And thanks to the punchy ending, of course. Can you imagine that you could have lost football?!