It is not only about the results that do not correspond to expectations, but also about Gattuso's deteriorated relationship with the club president Aurelio de Laurentiis. In Italy, they have long been writing that ice has formed between the coach and the president, which will be difficult to melt.

Aurelio de Laurentiis acquired Napoli in 2004. The contribution of the new president to the development of the Azzurri is difficult to overestimate, because at the time of the arrival of de Laurentiis, the club was bankrupt and played only in the third-strongest Italian division. Since then, the Neapolitans have not only become a competitive elite club, but have also won several trophies - three Italian Cups and one Super Cup. Plus, four times Napoli took second place in Serie A, which in the era of Juventus hegemony can also be considered an achievement.

This is not to say that de Laurentiis fired coaches right and left. In sixteen plus years of his presidency, Gennaro Gattuso is only the eighth specialist on the Napoli coaching bridge. The first was Gian Piero Ventura. He was fortunate enough to play only nineteen games with the Neapolitans over a period of almost 199 days. Ventura's departure in January 2005 seemed peaceful, although years later de Laurentiis called Gian Pierrot's views outdated.

Next, Napoli was headed by Edoardo Reya. It was this specialist who raised the team from the third division to Serie A and even brought it to European cups, namely to the Intertoto Cup that existed at that time. In that 2007/2008 season, Napoli was really good, having managed to beat such teams as Juventus, Milan and Inter at home. However, already in the course of the next season, Ray left the club amid unsatisfactory results in the form of two draws and eight defeats over a ten-game stretch.

It was rumored that once a conflict broke out between the coach and the president of the club in the locker room. Rhea then told de Laurentiis that he only comes to the team when things are going well. Out of emotion, the president allegedly fired the coach, but he worked for another year. However, Rhea denied those rumors.

But with Roberto Donadoni, Aurelio de Laurentiis's relationship clearly did not work out. After his dismissal from Napoli in October 2009, the coach said: "De Laurentiis knows football just as I know about movies." It is worth clarifying here that the president of the Neapolitan club is a film producer. Donadoni at the head of Napoli played only nineteen matches, having celebrated five victories in them. Roberto was unhappy with the club's performance on the summer transfer market.

Walter Mazzarri has been a coach at Napoli for almost four years. It was this specialist who brought the club the first trophy during the reign of de Laurentiis - the Italian Cup in the 2011/2012 season. The President of the Neapolitans once said that Mazzarri is many times stronger than Jose Mourinho, but in general, de Laurentiis's relations with Walter were mixed. It was rumored that the president harbored a grudge against the coach when rumors linked him to Juventus in 2011. Plus Mazzarri expressed dissatisfaction with the club's limited opportunities in the transfer market.

In the seasons 2013/2014 and 2014/2015, Napoli was coached by Rafael Benitez. During his tenure, the Spanish specialist helped the Azzurri win the Italian Cup and Super Cup. Benitez's relationship with the president of the club was working, although at the beginning of 2016, when the Spanish coach was no longer in Naples, de Laurentiis said that the former coaches blocked the development of the club. Now it is rumored that Benitez may again take Napoli. The Spaniard recently became free from work duties after leaving China's Dalian Pro.

Maurizio Sarri became the next helmsman of Napoli. This coach instilled in the Neapolitans a really bright style of play, and also made the team more competitive. Under Sarri, Napoli were seen as a real contender for the Scudetto, but each time the team lacked something. The Neapolitans lagged behind Juventus, first by nine, then by five, and then by four points.

Aurelio de Laurentiis publicly accused Sarri of betrayal, arguing that the coach until the last moment did not speak about his desire to leave. As a result, de Laurentiis fired Sarri even before Maurizio decided to try his hand at Chelsea. As the coach said, he learned about the dismissal from the TV. Also, the president of Napoli said that Sarri was only concerned about money in his work.

Carlo Ancelotti worked as Napoli coach for a year and a half. After the second place in the 2018/2019 season, the club spent a lot on the market, counting on the fight for the championship, but the Neapolitans had a terrible start in the new championship. Chaos began - Aurelio de Laurentiis, by his decision, closed the team at the base for the so-called mini-collection. Carlo Ancelotti publicly disagreed with this move, although he noted that the decision was made by the club. The path to Naples ended for Ancelotti with the December dismissal, and it happened immediately after the Italian coach brought Napoli to the Champions League playoffs. As you might guess, the relationship between Ancelotti and de Laurentiis remained not the most friendly.

After Ancelotti, Napoli took over Gennaro Gattuso. Despite winning the national cup, we can say that there is no serious progress for the team under Gattuso. According to rumors, Aurelio de Laurentiis is unhappy with the situation and may fire Gennaro by the end of this week. It is said that there has been a rift in the relationship between the Napoli president and the coach, and bad results only add to the tension.