Juventus forward Cristiano Ronaldo, who received the prize, got 38% of the vote, according to ESPN. For the forward of "Barcelona" Lionel Messi, 24% of respondents voted. Liverpool striker Mohamed Salah came in third with 23% of the vote.

What are Globe Soccer Awards?

This is the annual awards ceremony for excellence in football. Also known as Dubai d'Ors. The first Globe Soccer Awards were handed out in 2010 at the Audi Football Night gala. Then Jorge Mendes was named Agent of the Year, Atlético's Miguel Angel Gil Marin was named the best sporting director and Adriano Galliani received a special prize for outstanding career.

The following year, the first full-fledged Globe Soccer Awards ceremony took place in Dubai, there were six nominations, and Cristiano Ronaldo became the footballer of the year for the first time in this version, and at the same time received a statuette for "Most attention in the media". The first, but far from the last awards of the Portuguese in Dubai. It is not surprising: his agent Jorge Mendes takes an active part in the organization of the Globe Soccer Awards, whom grateful investor sheikhs do not offend either.

Previous Year’s Winner Lists: Starring Ronaldo and Mendes

The Globe Soccer Player of the Year award has already been handed out 10 times, on six occasions the prize went to Cristiano Ronaldo, once won by Radamel Falcao, Franck Ribery, Lionel Messi and Robert Lewandowski (this year). This is a kind of reality, inside of which Ronaldo can feel special and unrivaled.

If the score for the Golden Balls in favor of Messi is 5: 6, then in the Globe Soccer Awards universe, Cristiano does not even have an antagonist, and he wins Leo with the same score 6: 1 as Falcao, Ribery and Lewandowski.

Even more interesting in the category "Agent of the Year": from 2010 to 2020, Jorge Mendes was left without an award only once. In 2016, the statuette was sent to Mino Raiola, who turned the most expensive transfer in history with huge commissions at that time, transferring Paul Pogba from Juventus to Manchester United.

What attracts football players and functionaries to this Mendes show?

This year, not only Ronaldo flew to Dubai, but also Lewandowski, Casillas, Pique, Butrageno, as well as FIFA President Gianni Infantino. If everyone understands that this is a performance by director Mendes, why are they playing along with him? Apparently, because Jorge is a really outstanding businessman who knows how to make everyone feel good. The Portuguese has made arrangements with rich oriental people who are willing to pay generously for parties with the stars. And since famous football people of all sorts and professions do not hesitate to be at the Globe Soccer Awards, it means that fees for this New Year's corporate party justify everything.

Who Received the 2020 Globe Soccer Awards?

Player of the Year Robert Lewandowski

There were no surprises, Lewandowski put together a phenomenal collection of awards, both team and individual, at the end of 2020. Robert came with his beautiful wife Anna to Dubai, where he took the main prize in a white tuxedo. Here I would say that the Polish forward of "Bavaria" gave a light to Cristiano Ronaldo, but the Globe Soccer ambassador was awarded a special statuette.

Player of the Century Cristiano Ronaldo

It would be very funny if it did not give off something sinister after such a 2020. It is very original to sum up the results of a century after only two decades. The train with humanity does not go further? Yes, the name of the Ronaldo award indicates the years: "Player of the Century 2001-2020". I understand everything, whoever is having fun is the one who calls the tune, but with some "dances" it is easy to make people laugh. In no way do I question Ronaldo's talents, but this prize is an awkward absurdity that will not add fans to Cristiano.

Agent of the Century Georges Mendes

Georges Mendes will definitely not die of modesty, because after nine awards of the "Agent of the Year" he also took over the funny prize "Agent of the Century". He invented it himself, established it himself, awarded himself. Applause! However, you need to understand: with all the trolling from our side, the Globe Soccer Awards is a cool Mendes case, which promoted the sheikhs with money and pulled the football party to Dubai. So far, this award is a bubble, but in 10 years everything can change. By the way, the "Agent of the Century" himself did not attend the ceremony. A lot of work, you know.

Club of the Century Real Madrid

Over the next 80 years, a lot can change, but if we talk about the first two decades of the 21st century, then the choice is quite expected.

Coach of the century Josep Guardiola

Guardiola could not come to Dubai in person, as he plunged headlong into the English football madness, but virtually all the same appeared at the Globe Soccer Awards: in a video message he thanked the organizers for the high honor. Coach of the Year Hans-Dieter Flick

From “Coach of the Century” to “Coach of the Year”. As you know, the FIFA The Best prize went to Jurgen Klopp, although everyone was waiting for the victory of Hansi Flick, who