The atmosphere at the Italy Spain match was specific. Some spectators focused not on supporting the team but on expressing dissatisfaction with their goalkeeper. As soon as the ball hit Gianluigi Donnarumme, the stands of San Siro began to whistle loudly and with emphasis (during the match, the fans, who were in a different mood, tried to smooth out the impression with applause, but this did not change the overall appearance). The young goalkeeper was nervous and almost brought a ridiculous goal, dropping the ball over the line after hitting Marcos Alonso. The Italians were saved by the bar. Returning to his native stadium ended with Gijo's tears and the defeat of the Italian national team.

The motivation of the Milan fans who have shown themselves in this way is understandable. They have not forgiven the football player raised by the club for leaving the summer off-season. The attitude towards Donnarumma has not been the most friendly for several years. Tifosi remembers very well the complex negotiations in 2017 when Mino Raiola shook out of the Chinese owners of the Rossoneri a pay increase for his client and, at the same time, a contract for his older brother.

It was then that the offensive nickname "Dollarumma" stuck to the goalkeeper. The whistle of fans and Gijo's tears at San Siro have also rehearsed four years ago in the Italian Cup match with Verona. Now only the reason has become more pronounced: Donnarumma has left, and even a free agent. The current leadership of Milan does not intend to inflate costs even for the best player in the European Championship.

"We have different ambitions," said the goalkeeper as he left Milan. This phrase sounds offensive and indeed increased the degree of tribune hatred, but in many ways, it is true. Today's "Rossoneri," even gaining speed in the championship, can not hold points in the Champions League matches. PSG is a much higher-level team, declaring the fight for the leading European trophy and confirming their intentions by reaching the final in 2020. Gijo did not switch for the sake of money, surprisingly. He earns 7 million euros a year in Paris, even though Milan offered him 8 million that is, we are even talking about a salary cut for the sake of sports ambitions.

Another question is what Gianluigi has come to at the moment. PSG's personnel policy this summer resembled the style of a typical FIFA player (it's already more difficult to do this in Football Manager): we recruit stars, regardless of expenses, and if someone has to sit on the bench, it's okay, he will suffer. While Donnarumma sits and endures, who has only three matches in the championship in nine rounds played, and it seems that the rotation at the gate is done solely because of the big name of the newcomer. For the most part, Keylor Navas plays another top-class goalkeeper who has no reason to replace or sell. Why did the sheiks bring two bears into one den? This question will be on a par with the themes "When will Sergio Ramos debut?" and "Is it a good idea to buy Messi and not sell Mbappe?"

Donnarumma's problem is that the experienced and award-winning Navas can be called the dressing room leader. According to Corriere Dello Sport, Keylor is supported by the influential Latin American diaspora, which includes such "senators" as Captain Marquinhos, star Neymar, Di Maria, Paredes, and even Leo Messi himself. In the end, even the head coach, Argentinean Pochettino, is probably more comfortable working with Costa Rican Navas. PSG imposed Donnarumma for reasons not as playful as status. Paradoxical situation: Gianluigi would become the main one in almost any team globally, but not here and now.

The Italian super goalkeeper was at an impasse. Waiting for 34-year-old Navas to retire is a strategy for a promising player, but not for the main star of the past Euro. Of course, there may be changes; Donnarumme will try to carve out some time on the field, but any goalkeeper needs complete trust. Otherwise, it will be tough to approach matches with 100% confidence. The best option for Gianluigi may be to find a team that matches both his ambitions and claims for a place in the starting lineup as soon as possible. The second game of the League of Nations gave direction.

Applause as a hint

Italy and Belgium contested third place at the stadium in Turin. The site at the gate was again taken by Donnarumma, at the same time encouraged by the captain's armband, but now the attitude towards him was fundamentally different. Every action of the goalkeeper was met with applause as if in contrast to the hostile atmosphere in Milan. Such a careful attitude towards Gianluigi may have a broader implication than the support of the national team player. The Turin audience may not be the hottest in Italy, but they know how to react correctly. I remember the match Juventus - Real, when Ronaldo scored a crazy ball with a kick over himself, and the stands gave him a standing ovation. It was then that Cristiano, impressed by such a reception, took the first step towards moving to Turin.

Donnarumma in Juventus - the alignment is very logical. This transition could have taken place already this summer, but the cards were confused by the return of Massimiliano Allegri, who trusted his acquaintance Wojciech Szczęsny. So far, this decision looks erroneous. The Pole was not bad in 2019-20 and even became Bianconeri's trump card in some matches, but this year he surrendered significantly. A long shot in the spring match against Porto, a ridiculous pruning with Udinese, an unsuccessful save against Napoli - these different mistakes indicate problems with concentration. The team is already rebuilding with difficulty, so the eccentricities of its goalkeeper hamper it. Also, Buffon is no longer at hand. The alternative to the Pole is Mattia Perin, an excellent option for the middle peasant and not very suitable for the grand.

Donnarumma's move would solve two problems at once. Gianluigi will not need time to adapt to the championship he is familiar with. With Bonucci and Chiellini, he recently won the Euro, so the local "senators" will positively meet him. If in PSG Gianluigi is still a foreign body, then in Juventus, it will initially be partly his own. The reaction of Milan fans? Donnarumma continues to talk about his feelings for the Rossoneri, but then he had to bend his line to the end and stay in Milan. The Rubicon is behind, and the fans already hate their ex-goalkeeper as if instead of Paris, he immediately went to Turin. Of course, there will be pressure. Gijo-Juventino will inevitably become a model of the purest contempt for Milan Tifosi. Still, it is better to endure the whistle one match a season than to hang around on the bench watching the next game of the French Ligue 1.

The main obstacle for this union is admitting mistakes, as did, for example, Bonucci, who timely returned to Juventus after an unsuccessful year in Milan. Donnarumma shouldn't have aspired to PSG so much, overestimating his abilities (or, rather, underestimating Navas' strong position). Juventus shouldn't have bet on Szhensny, although there was a more suitable, albeit costly, option at hand.

Of course, finance can be a hindrance. In Turin, they are now cautious, counting every million. Still, with mutual desire, there may be options with a lease or partial exchange, especially since on the eve of the closing of the transfer window, the club got rid of the need to pay a giant salary to Cristiano and can afford a little more.

One way or another, this is the case when the "Old Lady" would be lovely to step up to solve the goalkeeper problem. Three or four years ago, a topical topic for Italy was the search for a replacement for Buffon, who seemed an unattainable ideal. Now "Squadra Azzurra" has found a new Gianluigi, which is even superior to the old one somehow. So why is Juventus slow?