Diego Maradona died on November 25 from cardiac arrest. In Argentina, three days of mourning have been declared, and the farewell ceremony was held in the Pink Palace, the residence of the country's president.

More than a hundred thousand people visited it. The coffin was placed in the palace. During the coronavirus pandemic, there were no restrictions on visits, but in the hall with the coffin, the guards rushed the detainees.

12 hours after the start, the ceremony was stopped at the request of the Maradona family - this happened before 18:00. The police closed the main entrance and conflicts began. Fans climbed over the fence, threw bottles and stones at the police, who put out the riots with tear gas and rubber bullets.

The President of Argentina asked the daughters of Maradona to extend the farewell ceremony for several hours. For safety's sake, the coffin was moved to another room, but the ceremony ended ahead of schedule anyway. A minimum of nine detainees - Marca reported.

According to the Daily Mail, fans blocked the entrance to the cemetery until the arrival of the coffin with Maradona's body. Singing and chants were heard during the funeral.

Another scandal: funeral home worker Diego Molina photographed Maradona's corpse: he put one hand on his head and the other made a gesture with a finger up. He was later seen in a van with Maradona's body. All this caused anger on social networks - people called on to deprive Molina of Argentine citizenship and even threatened with death.

The funeral home owners confirmed that Molina was fired after the incident. In social networks, there is a frame where two more workers were photographed with the body. One of them also had a thumb up gesture.

Maradona is buried in the Bella Vista private cemetery near Buenos Aires. His parents are also buried there.