In the summer of next year, Lionel Messi ends his contract with Barcelona and so far there are no prerequisites that the Argentine will sign a new agreement with the club. This means that already in the winter, Lionel will be able to conclude a preliminary agreement with any club in the world.

According to the authoritative publication The Times, Man City is now developing a global plan to get Messi. So, we are talking about a ten-year contract.

The top officials of the club believe that the transfer of the Argentinean will dramatically increase the income from advertising contracts and facilitate negotiations with other top players.

The point is that after the cooperation between Messi and Man City within the football club comes to an end, he will be able to choose his own further path.
The company that owns Man City also has clubs such as New York City (USA), Melbourne City (Australia) and Yokohoma Marinos (Japan) at its disposal. If Leo wants, then he can retire in any of these clubs.
And after completing his professional career, he will return to Man City and be the club's ambassador. Thus, Messi will be associated with work in the City for 10 years from the date of signing the contract.

Earlier it was reported that Messi may sign a contract with Manchester City in the winter transfer window for 50 million pounds.