An incident occurred during the match of the sixth round of the Champions League group stage between PSG and Istanbul due to which the guests left the field.

The Parisians’ official Twitter account reports that there was an act of racism by the fourth referee of the match - Sebastian Cioltescu. According to other sources, he called the assistant head coach of the Turkish team Pierre Vebo and Demba Ba blacks.

All forms of racism go against the values held by Paris Saint-Germain, the club’s Chairman, staff and players.

After a long conversation with representatives of the French team, Bashakshehir team went to the locker room, and the Parisians later supported them.

Our assistant coach, Pierre Webo has been sent off with a 'racist' word by the 4th official ref. of the match. Match has stopped for a while.

The match was shifted to Wednesday, December 9, at 19:55 and finished with the win of the Parisians 5:1.

Dutchman Danny McKeley was appointed as the new chief arbiter of the meeting. Assistants was his compatriot Mario Dix and Polish referee Martin Bonek. The fourth referee was Pole Bartosz Frankovski.