Acting President of Barcelona Carles Tusquets said that the team players would not receive the financial payments scheduled for January due to the team's difficult economic situation. Players will not receive their salary in January. Payments are made twice a year: in January and in July, but in the coming January, they will not receive their money. These payments will be deferred in the same way as a number of others, for example, bonuses for winning trophies.

Note that in connection with the pandemic, Barcelona faced serious financial problems. In particular, the players of the team were forced to agree to a salary cut by 70%, which allowed the Catalans to save 122 million euros.

Over the previous season, the club's debt has more than doubled and now stands at 488 million euros. Earlier, Acting President of Barcelona Carles Tusquets said that Barcelona would be profitable from a financial point of view to sell Lionel Messi last summer.

The executive also commented on possible transfers to Barcelona in the near future. He stated that he had discussed this with Koeman several times. If there are offers available in January, then there will be transfers. Note that Carles Tusquets has been serving as the acting president of Barcelona since last October, after the previous head of the club, Josep Bartomeu, resigned due to a series of unsuccessful team results. Earlier it was reported that the election of the new president of Barcelona is scheduled for January 24 next year.