The summer transfer window has now closed. It was perhaps one of the most legendary in history. Who would have thought that the "transfer bomb" concept will be more relevant than ever in a pandemic period? In our top, we have collected those transfers about which one would like to say: "And you said that it was impossible." It turns out that nothing is impossible.

Note that our list will also include those players who moved to the new club as a free agents. We couldn't help but turn them on, you know:

10.Dyot Upamecano (RB Leipzig Bayern, 42.5 million euros)

Julian Nagelsmann did not make loud promises not to lure the players of the former team into his new club. Still, the transfer of the French ex-defender took place earlier than the agreements with the mentor were announced, so there will be no way to blame the German at all. At the same time, Bayern knew perfectly well what its problem was in recent seasons. However, the most suitable, and at the same time not exorbitantly expensive, options on the transfer market were not perfect for a long time.

As soon as the available amplification option appeared, the "Red Car" immediately did everything necessary to design the transition. Yes, this is a player and a direct competitor in the National Championship, yes, again, for a lot of money. Still, if it got hot and Bayern got very hot this summer, then you can traditionally close your eyes for some moments. Dot Upamecano is a brilliant reinforcement for roten.

9. Jack Grealish (Aston Villa Manchester City, 100 million)

Rumors of Grealish's transfer to the club from the top 5 of the Premier League have been around for a long time. Perhaps since the days when Jack "dragged" Villa in the Championship. Then no one dared to shell out a large sum for the guy who was enchanting in the country's second-strongest division. But Jack broke into the Premier League with Birmingham and proved to the haters that he can show high-level football there, too.

At first, Manchester City and Aston Villa could not agree on the amount of the transfer. Yes, Girlish is not a "pig in a poke," but 100 million. The desire of the mentor of the "townspeople" Pep Guardiola to get such a gifted playmaker into his lineup was higher than money. Now we will watch to see if the guy breaks the burden of the "hundred millionaires."

8. Jadon Sancho (Borussia D Manchester United, 85 million)

The leadership of Borussia Dortmund is ordinary people. "Do you want to move to another club? Let them fulfill our requirements, but we will not keep it." Jadon Sancho wanted to return to England. And not in his native Manchester City, where his talent has not been noticed for a long time. He preferred the historic rival of the "townspeople" Manchester United.

"Red Devils," along with the footballer himself, showed great interest in him last summer. And by some miracle, the transfer failed. Solskjaer insisted that the guy should be redeemed for any money! Borussia received 85 million for their footballer and let him go to Old Trafford. Most importantly, there are no losers in this story.

7. Rafael Varane (Real Madrid Manchester United, 40 million euros)

It isn't easy to understand the logic of the Real Madrid bosses, who released two key center-backs at once in the summer offseason. The pair Varan Ramos looked much more reliable than Nacho Militant, who are playing now. But I still wanted to make money on the middle-aged Frenchman.

MJ is easier to understand. The club offered a reasonably substantial sum for Varan 40 million euros and got a worthy footballer to replace Viktor Lindelof in a pair with Harry Maguire. Varan must play with the captain of Manchester United with a bang, especially since the footballer wanted to test himself in the Premier League. 28 is the right age for a center-back to take the next step. It is a top transfer service.

6. Ashraf Hakimi (Inter PSG, 60 million euros)

At the very beginning of the summer, when the transfer window had just opened, many media outlets were full of headlines: "Hakimi is close to moving to Paris. PSG is claiming him." I hardly believed it because the Moroccan spent an excellent season at Inter, becoming the champion of Italy with the club. It would seem to play still and play in Serie A, But then there was news about the significant financial problems of the "Nerazzurri," and everything became clear. The club can not keep its leaders because of high salaries and the need for money. Therefore, Hakimi's transfer was not particularly surprising. But for a relatively small amount by today's standards, PSG managed to snatch the best right-back to date. The first matches of Ligue 1 confirm this.

5. Gianluigi Donnarumma (Milan PSG, free agent)

Even before Euro 2020, the best Serie A goalkeeper of the 2020/21 season, Gianluigi Donnarumma, said that he would not renew his contract with Milan. We talked a lot with the football player about this, but not in any way. He firmly decided to leave Italy, and one of the critical issues is finances. Milan could not offer GG the desired salary.
The gatekeeper held the European Championship in the best possible way. A huge number of saves will be forgotten, but the penalty shootout against England in the final will not! The prize for the best player of Euro 2020 went to Donnarumme and after that another compensation - an excellent salary at PSG, which turned out to be even better than what he asked from Milan. By the way, the Italian has not played in Ligue 1 yet, but there is no doubt that he will eventually oust Keylor Navas.

4. Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid - PSG, free agent)

Sergio Ramos opens a mini-heading "unexpected transitions" in our article. One of the most famous Spanish media dubbed the captain's transition "Blancos" to PSG - "heart transplant." And it's hard to argue with that because Ramos has served the club faithfully. The logic of Real Madrid President Florentin Perez and Ramos himself is difficult to understand. First, the club offers him unfavorable terms, to which the Spaniard disagrees, and when it comes to "Done Deal," - Real turns off the negotiations.

However, this incident can still be explained. Negotiations between two stubborn people rarely end well, and this is precisely the case. The Spaniard chose PSG as his next club, and this is not surprising. There, he will receive a good salary, continue to play, and raise the "eared" head once again.

3. Romelu Lukaku (Inter - Chelsea, 115 million euros)

Romelu Lukaku's return to Stamford Bridge was perhaps as unexpected as the move of his already ex-teammate Hakimi to Paris. But his departure can be explained not only by the financial problems of Inter. In the summer, after the fiery season, a man left the club who could work with the Belgian, find him the right position on the field, and give him the right advice - Antonio Conte.

Romelu decided not to try his luck with Simone Inzaghi and accepted the blue's offer. In England, Lukaku does not need any acclimatization, and even more so in Chelsea. Fortunately, now he is exactly the central figure through which Thomas Tuchel will build his game. It used to be completely different. We also note that Inter did not remain offended.

1-2. Cristiano Ronaldo (Juventus - Manchester United, € 15 million + 8 million in bonus)

Have you ever seen a top transfer being decided in a few hours? Ronaldo was in talks with Manchester City, but the situation changed in an instant. No one had yet switched to the wave of CR7's return to Old Trafford when the press office of the "red devils" dumbfounded: "He's coming home."

It's also funny that if the Portuguese were negotiating with Manchester United, absolutely no one knew about it, except for his agent. One of Cristiano's best friends, even Patrice Evra, thought that he was trolling when he wrote an SMS of this nature: "Bro, I'm returning to our club." But it was not trolling, but a big transfer, one of the greatest in football history. Returns of this caliber are hard to remember.

1-2. Lionel Messi (Barcelona - PSG, free agent)

And, of course, Leo Messi, The transfer of the Argentinean to PSG was not as sudden as the return of Ronaldo to Manchester United. They managed to discuss it on various sites. But everything also happened very quickly for a transfer of this magnitude. In Barcelona, Messi could not stay, even despite his great, straightforward, great desire. Everything was decided in the office. But who doesn't want to see one of the best football players in the world in their team?

Everyone wants to see, but only a few can pay him 1 million pounds a week. Among them was PSG, which was able to satisfy his financial appetites and make it possible to win a new tournament for Messi - Ligue 1 and the Champions League trophy that he had already forgotten. And yes, Messi himself will do everything to make the dream of Parisian President Nasser Al-Helaifi come true.