Arsenal has had a bad start this season in the English Premier League. In ten rounds, the North London club scored only 13 points and occupied the 14th line in the standings. Due to the unsatisfactory results, the head coach Mikel Arteta began to come under severe pressure, because of which the specialist decided to hold a general meeting of the team.

According to ESPN, after one of the training, which took place on December 1, Arteta gathered all the players and tried to rally the team on a moral level. The Spaniard also expressed dissatisfaction with the fact the conflict between David Luis and Dani Ceballos was in the public domain. Arsenal's mentor said that he is continuing to investigate with the aim of identifying the informant of The Athletic journalist David Ornstein, who told about the clash of the "gunners" players.

After the coaching staff of Mikel Arteta ended the communication and left the training field, the Arsenal players decided to stay and talk to each other. It is noted that the discussion between the players was "stormy" and in a raised voice. Nevertheless, the dialogue of the "gunners" ended on a peaceful note. The collective decision is to unite and fully trust Mikel Arteta. North London footballers believe that this is the right way to solve all problems, including the team's poor performance in the Premier League.

In one of his last post-match interviews, the Spanish specialist directly stated that the current Arsenal squad could not fight for the championship, so transfers are needed.

According to The Independent, Mikel Arteta plans to start work on updating the team already in the upcoming transfer window, but the Spaniard does not intend to limit himself only to the acquisition of new players.

According to the source, Arteta wants to get rid of a number of "passengers" and spend the proceeds from their sale on the players he needs. At the same time, it should be noted that the names of possible candidates "for the exit" are not specified.