This season, Barça and Real Madrid fans have finally synchronized, with the leaders of both teams threatening to leave Spain.

Shock content: Ramos rejected two offers from Real and says to Perez in the face that in the summer he will go to PSG to Messi. Since then, new details have appeared: there will most likely not be a transfer to PSG, but the transfer of Alaba asks new questions about Sergio's future.

Real Madrid are losing their captain, including because of Florentino Perez. Relations between Perez and Ramos have been very tense in recent years and they definitely affect the future of the club.

Perez can't live peacefully with Real Madrid legends

The pain of Florentino Perez is in his desperate lust for power.

Florentino is the most obsessive collector of glossy names, and he loves buying superstars. He understands well those who came to Real Madrid for several years to shine, make money and go to MLS. But as soon as the star stays in Real for a long time, gains influence and character Perez is lost and tries to get rid of her as soon as possible.

Sad fact of the legends of the Perez era, only Zidane ended his career at Madrid. Argentine midfielder Fernando Redondo went into the first transfer window of Perez. The legend (six years at Real) openly said that the president did not need it, and the Spanish media wrote that through the sale of Redondo Florentino was looking for money to transfer Figo. Fernando Hierro publicly criticized Perez's commercial approach to transfers: "Players are like stocks to you." In the 2002/03 season finale, after 14 years at Real Madrid, the captain suddenly found that his contract had not been renewed. Iker Casillas was the main victim of the Mourinho regime the goalkeeper was accused of leaking information from the locker room (it is still unclear whether it is fair or not) and sent to the reserve. Iker survived two years of hell, and during this time Perez with his gigantic media resource (about him below) never once defended the captain. In Spain, they are sure that Florentino has long wanted to get rid of Casillas at various times he tried to buy Buffon and De Gea. Ronaldo left for Juventus and directly accused Perez of indifference. “I felt that the club, especially this came from the president, did not treat me the way they used to, in the first five years,” Cristiano told France Football. The President looked at me as if I were no longer irreplaceable. It made me think about leaving. And this list did not include Raul (he was forced to leave himself due to injuries) and Zidane (caught Zen and ended his career at 34 Perez did not have time to deploy his claws). Although the relationship between Perez and Reaul was forever ruined in the summer of 2002: an hour before the UEFA Super Cup, Raul learned that Perez had decided to sell Fernando Morientes (rumored to buy Ronaldo). Morientes was a close friend of Raul and formed a great bond with him, so that evening Raul and Hierro won back Morientes.

It is not surprising that Perez has no problems with Modric the Croatian is also a superstar and is already in his ninth year at Real Madrid, but he does not reiterate the president and is ready to squeeze under the contract.

Ramos (along with Ronaldo) is the main star of Real Madrid of the 10s, and this predetermined their relationship with Perez.
The first problems started because of Mourinho. Ramos provoked Jose's resignation and felt the power

2019 - new conflict: Ramos and Perez almost got into a fight in the locker room after leaving the Champions League

An important event in the relationship between Perez and Ramos is the separation from Cristiano in July 2018. This transfer is important for two reasons:

  1. Sergio once again saw how indifferently Perez treats legends.

  2. Ramos became the main player of Real Madrid (but not yet in terms of salary - Bale has more). The capitalization of fan love has grown sharply, which means even more influence and even worse loss.

Outwardly, the men remained neutral, but in fact the atmosphere was heating up throughout the 2018/19 season.

Ramos first took himself a long vacation after the 2018 World Cup. Lopetegui allowed, but Perez was furious anyway.

After the vacation, Sergio was waiting for unpleasant news: Perez cheated and did not buy a superstar instead of Ronaldo. The club entered the new season with Benzema, Bale and Asensio in attack, and AS wrote about Sergio's feelings - he felt cheated.

At the end of February, Real Madrid lost without a chance to Barça in the King's Cup. After the game, a new character was revealed - Real Madrid B coach Alvaro Benito. On the Cadena Ser radio, he attacked the Real Madrid legionnaires: “Vinicius surprises everyone, he is young, but brings imbalance to the team's play. The problem is that there are players like Casemiro who haven't played enough for a minute. Like Kroos. "

Two days later, Perez fired Benito. Everything seems to be within the framework of corporate culture, but the decision angered the Spanish players and, first of all, Ramos - he knew Benito for a long time and communicated well with him.

And at the end of March, the most awkward episode in Ramos' career happened - and everyone finally realized that the relationship between the president and the captain was ruined.

In the 1/8 Champions League, Real came to Ajax and won 2-1 in the first leg. Apparently, they don't listen to the Cappuccino & Catenaccio podcast in Madrid, so it seemed to the players that all the issues had already been resolved. Ramos also thought so - in the 89th minute he received a yellow card (third in this Champions League) and an automatic disqualification for the game in Madrid.

And you definitely remember the legendary return match.

After humiliating 1: 4, Perez burst into the dressing room of Real Madrid. Everyone got it, but most of all - the guy who desperately knocked out a giant contract, and at the decisive moment he hung out on the podium. At first, Perez scolded the players for lack of initiative, laziness and indifference. Ramos stood up for his comrades - he reproached Perez for a weak transfer campaign and separately recalled that the president never bought a replacement for Ronaldo. To this Perez said: "You are fired." Ramos replied: "Pay me, and I'll leave." And he added: "I gave everything, I fought for these colors, for the club and even for you."

The authenticity of the conversation was immediately confirmed by Marca and AS (the latter clarified that the medical personnel had also witnessed the conversation).

By May, the situation had not changed. According to Marca, Sergio was still angry with the president and did not communicate with him. Ramos wanted to leave Real Madrid and even had a generous offer from China on hand. But the Chinese club did not want to pay compensation, and Perez flatly refused to release the cap for free. Spanish radio station Cadena SER has unveiled an intense dialogue between the president and the captain.

“Leave for free? If you leave, I will have to buy a defender, which is not cheap, ”Perez said. “You said the same thing about Cristiano - that you would buy him a replacement. In the end, you didn't buy anyone, and we paid for it, ”Ramos replied.

In June, the parties suddenly made up, and Perez even pushed a warm speech about his captain:

“Right now, Sergio Ramos has the biggest contract at Real Madrid. He is the captain, the best player and he fully deserves it. I love Ramos like a son."