After the first match on the reporting game day, which took place in Copenhagen between Croatia and Spain (3:5), it seemed that shortly we would hardly be able to plunge into the same tense state, with the exception, perhaps, of the upcoming match of the Ukrainian national team against Sweden. However, in the late evening slot, we were asked to determine the future rival for the Fury of Roch. As expected, there were only two candidates, the national teams of France and Switzerland, which were fighting in Bucharest, which had already become close to our hearts.

Didier Deschamps' wards managed to win the so-called "death group," which, in addition to them, also included Portugal, Germany, and Hungary. Therefore they were rightfully considered the favorites of the reporting pair. The team of Vladimir Petkovich, in turn, got into a not very pleasant campaign of Quartet A, in which he managed to take only third place, but with four points, he was not particularly worried about booking a place in the playoffs. However, the relatively low position became the reason for hitting the reigning world champions in the first round of the playoffs, and many at that moment were quick to write off "Nati."

The guests did not hide in defense from the eminent opponent from the very first minutes, literally forcing us to watch our attacks in the first half. The French were confused by such agility of their rivals, so they could not think of anything sensible except for unsuccessful attempts to throw the ball into the penalty area by any available means. And the situation by the end of the first quarter of the game hour was already trumpeting with might and main with a call to action: Switzerland led by an accurate header from Petkovic, who managed to complete Zuber's serve from the left flank.

Deschamps decided to start this match with three central defenders, for which his team was completely unprepared. In such a short period, the mentor decided to set up a new playing scheme, and his charges could not cope with the extra load. The mentor will have to correct the situation in the fire mode already during the break, but before it began, it was simply impossible to hide from the arrows of criticism. France flunked absolutely every component of the game action in which its players tried to take part. It is not surprising that they went to the under-stands of "Les Bleus" to the whistle of their fans.

At the beginning of the second half, fewer questions for Deschamps Coman came out instead of Lenglet, and, consequently, France changed to the usual 4-3-3. Did this make the nominal owners feel a little calmer in defense? Not at all! Already in the 53rd minute, Zuber's advance at the left border of the penalty area was stopped by a foul by Paver, and the immediate place of the violation of the rules was then very closely watched on VAR. We saw a penalty, but Rodriguez's kick in the lower-left corner of Lloris still managed to evade in a beautiful jump.

And now France melted its shoulders, like that Atlantean. A couple of minutes later, Griezmann and Mbappe arranged a moment to go on a date in the center of the penalty area for Benzema, after which the same couple provided their partner with the ball, after a dizzying wall in the left flank of someone else's penalty area, which ended with Antoine's transfer over the goalkeeper under an empty net for Karim. This segment of the match was difficult for Switzerland, as the rivals deprived it of the ball, and 15 minutes before the end of the match, Pogba's long-range strike straight into the right nine, it seemed, finally pinned the hopes of Petkovic's team for success.

However, this day of the calendar was clearly saturated with some amazing aura. Ten minutes before the end of normal time, Seferovic repeated his blow from the second floor, closing the serve to Mbabu from the right flank, and directly on the last revolution of the arrow before stoppage time, a shot from a semicircle near the penalty area performed by Gavranovich still managed to find its target. The ringing crossbar from Coman 10 seconds before the last of the five added minutes against this background was perceived as an absolutely ordinary event. Everyone understood that there would be no business without overtime.

France opened each of the fifteen minutes with scoring chances. Still, the insecure Mbappe and, on the contrary, the very confident Sommer prevented Deschamps' team from resolving all issues without using the football lottery. Already directly in the series, the teams beat very confidently, and there was confidence that at such a pace, they could reach the indicators of Manchester United and Villarreal of the model of the recent Europa League final.

However, when Kilian Mbappe approached the ball fifth, certain doubts crept in on his appearance. The blow at a medium height went to the left corner, and Sommer flew exactly there. Two teams from the "group of death" are already left behind Euro 2020!

Thus, in one of the quarterfinals of the European Championship 2020, the Spanish national team will be opposed by Switzerland, and for the reigning world champions, this tournament has come to an end.

France - Switzerland 3: 3 (4: 5 - on a pen).
Goals:Benzema, 57, 59, Pogba, 75 - Seferovic, 15, 81, Gavranovich, 90.
In the 55th minute, Ricardo Rodriguez (Switzerland) missed a penalty (goalkeeper).