This is not the decision that the coaches of the league's top teams tried to lobby.

According to UK division Sky Sports, the English Premier League will be the first competition in the world to feature two additional substitudes options for coaching teams during a match for players showing concussion symptoms.

Most of the club representatives voted for this idea at the weekly meeting.

So, in addition to three standard substitutions during the match, each of the teams will have two additional permanent substitutions, the options of which can be activated if representatives of the club's medical staff, using a special analysis algorithm, can diagnose suspected concussion in football players.

The date for the full introduction of this mechanism has not yet been set, but the Football Association of England is so interested in such a decision that it already intends to propose its implementation in the matches of the fifth round of the FA Cup, which will be held in February.

The green light will be given to this idea only if the Premier League representatives succeed in negotiating with FIFA and the IFAB (International Football Association) regarding the compliance of the proposed innovations with the already existing global regulations for the conduct of tournaments at the professional level.

In this context, it is worth noting that the international football organization already had groundwork regarding the introduction of additional substittudes for the cases described above, and their debut implementation was planned for the matches of the Club World Cup in Qatar, which will be held in February 2021.