Now it’s impossible.

A week ago, Man City beat Aston Villa (2: 0), but after the match it was not Guardiola's leadership in the Premier League that was discussed, but the first goal.
The episode started offside by Rodri. Martinez carried out into the field, someone from City played a head towards the Spaniard, who is behind the players of Villa.

Tyrone Mings took the throw at that moment Rodri was still offside. And then the City player took the ball away from the defender and gave the goal to Bernard.

Villa coach Dean Smith did not understand why the goal was not canceled and received two yellows for controversy.

Silva's goal is indeed legitimate. There is an explanation in the 11th Rule of Football (here is the official translation of the RFU):

"A player who is offside and receives the ball from an opponent who deliberately played the ball (except in the case of deliberately playing the ball while saving the goal from a goal) is not considered to have gained an advantage."

Simply put: Mings was handling the ball, not just hitting it.

“City had many dangerous chances, but they missed them, and at the end of the match they were presented with two goals. Now you can just leave the players behind the offside line? It's a farce. Rodri was almost 10 meters offside, came back and took the ball. This rule and this decision is pathetic, ”Smith said after the match.

“I've never even heard of this rule. That is, a player can just stand offside, and then run out and take the ball?

Yes, I should have cleared the ball, but I didn't even know about that. What a nonsense, supported the coach Mings on Twitter.

PGMOL (the organization responsible for the English referees) responded to Villa's outrage and sought clarification from the International Football Association Board (IFAB), which deals with the rules of the game.

IFAB has updated Rule 11 to include the following recommendation:

“If a player in an offside position immediately interferes with an opponent who was deliberately playing the ball, the referees should give priority to playing for the ball and (thus) an offside rule violation. Interference with the game must be punished. That is, in the episode with Silva's goal, the referee had to fix Rodri's offside position: the Spaniard went into the fight right away.

And here is Watkins' goal that will remain legal. Villa's forward (what an irony) is offside at the moment of the cross.

Fabian Sher tries to interrupt the pass, but eventually the ball bounces to Watkins. Important: Ollie does not interfere with the defender in any way he peeled off from him and is waiting for a rebound.

But the Premier League is still unhappy. In an interview with the Daily Mail, an unnamed Premier League club official said PGMOL was just covering its tracks:

“They are trying to lock the stable when the horse has already escaped. Why can't you just admit your mistake? Strange logic: Jonathan Moss's team acted according to IFAB rules, and PGMOL asked for clarification what kind of mistake are they talking about?