The 2020 European Championship is by far the most significant football event in the past three years. Therefore, it is not surprising that it overshadowed some other exciting events. And it, by the way, turns out to be quite hot, and this is only the beginning of July on the calendar.

Of course, many of the transitions have not escaped your attention, even considering the full media power of the Euro. You've probably heard of such transfers as Jadon Sancho's transfer from Borussia Dortmund to Manchester United, or Jorginho Wijnaldum from Liverpool to PSG, or Barcelona's free signings of Sergio Aguero and Memphis Depay.

Here we want to present the top 5 less noticeable transfers to your attention, but no less interesting from this. Go!

Like any similar rating, this one is endowed with a large share of subjectivity. Therefore we will only be glad if you compose your similar top in the comments.

Fifth place. Francisco Trincao (Barcelona Wolverhampton, rent)

Francisco Trincao moved from Braga to Barcelona a year ago for 31 million euros. But the talented 21-year-old winger did not manage to prove himself in the top club and the top championship. Renting to a club is a more modest a logical option. Two days ago, Barcelona announced a one-year lease for Trinkan at Wolverhampton. At the same time, the Wolves have a right to redemption.

We all know very well how much Portuguese players are loved in Wolverhampton and how well they take root there. Trincao became the ninth Portuguese in the team. True, the coach who started this Portuguese vector is no longer in the club recall that Tottenham previously headed Espirito Santo.

And yet Trinkan's adaptation to the Premier League can be much faster and more successful than it was in the Spanish La Liga. It will be exciting to watch this young footballer in the strongest league in Europe.

Fourth place. Cengiz Under (Roma Marseille, rent)

Even though Cengiz Under has recently disappeared from the radar globally, he is still a strong and still promising footballer; the Turk is only 23 years old. In the last season, he only has nine appearances in the Premier League (259 minutes) for Leicester and two assists. It is logical that the Foxes did not ransom Under but returned to Roma. But they don't count on him in Rome either. Renting to a promising project in Marseille is an exciting option, which may well allow the player to make a name for himself again.

Why is the current Marseille an interesting project? At least because the Provençals have a new cool coach Jorge Sampaoli. In addition to the transfer of Under, the Argentine made a few more interesting transitions: Matteo Genduzi from Arsenal was rented, a loan with a mandatory purchase (in case of playing 20 matches) of goalkeeper Roma Pau Lopez, as well as an expensive purchase of a central midfielder from Flamengo Gerson, which cost 25 million euros So we are starting to follow Marseille in France closely, and in particular for a second chance to break into the "top of European football" category for Cengiz Under.

Third place. Juan Musso (Udinese-Atalanta, 20 million)

The club made a very interesting transfer of our Ruslan Malinovsky Atalanta took Udinese goalkeeper Juan Musso for 20 million euros.

Why is this transition so remarkable? Yes, at least because the goalkeeper's position is perhaps the most problematic in Atalanta over the past 2-3 seasons. And the arrival of 27-year-old Musso is a clear claim to solve this problem. The player is not the most popular, not the most promoted, frankly. But this does not diminish its potential.

For three seasons with Udinese, Musso managed to play 102 matches in Serie A. The main quality of this goalkeeper is playing in a ribbon. In each of his three seasons in the Italian championship, he was at least in the top-8 goalkeepers of the league in terms of Post-shot xG and conceded goals. This suggests that Juan bailed out much more often relative to the expected difficulty of the hitting encounters, consistently saving the team from about three goals during a particular season. In addition to reaction, Musso is also strong in the exit play from the wing.

Yes, and 20 million euros for the goalkeeper as part of the internal transfer in the league, you must agree; we do not always observe. Therefore, this transfer is interesting in many ways.

Second place. Nicholas Gonzalez (Stuttgart-Fiorentina, 23 million euros)

Another transfer in Serie A. Forward Nicholas Gonzalez spent three years in Stuttgart, one in the Second Bundesliga and two in the elite of German football. During this period, he played 79 matches for Schwabs in all competitions, scoring 23 goals and giving ten assists.

Gonzalez is a very versatile striker. Firstly, he can play both from the flank (high-speed qualities allow) and the center-forward. He is good at the opening - he can play undershoot, working well with his back to the opponent's goal and efficiently interacting with partners, or he can competently and timely open in-depth, behind the back of the defenders.

In addition, he is a creative football player; his technical qualities are at a high level. He is a player who can decide an episode through individual qualities. He possesses good shots and tends to punch, including from difficult positions.

If you manage to fix health issues (prone to injury), Nicholas Gonzalez could be a very successful transfer of Fiorentina. He is only 23, and his potential is conducive to good progress. This is a severe step to the Florentine club - not every transfer window they can afford to spend on one player.

First place. Patson Dhaka (RB Salzburg - Leicester, € 30 million)

In the first month of summer, Leicester has already managed to make three transfers to the entrance. The most interesting is the arrival of 22-year-old Zambian center-forward Patson Ducky from RB Salzburg for a very solid 30 million euros.

Duck is not familiar to a wide circle of fans, but Liverpool and Arsenal considered his candidacy as strengthening their roster say a lot. But Leicester's main rival for the player was RB Leipzig. It's incredible how Dhaka didn't end up in Germany.

In the person of Duck, Leicester has a proven scorer, who has scored 68 goals in 125 matches for RB Salzburg in all competitions in four seasons. The last season was especially productive for Patson, in which he scored 34 goals and issued 12 assists in 42 games. Such indicators allowed him to receive the title of the best player in the Austrian Bundesliga.

Dhaka signed with Leicester until 2026 and became the fifth most expensive acquisition in the club's history.

A bonus is another loud transfer Paris Saint-Germain, officially announced just yesterday - the arrival of Ashraf Hakimi from Inter. And this adds to the very likely transitions of Gianluigi Donnarumma and Sergio Ramos, plus the already existing signing of Wijnaldum. The most potent transfer campaign in PSG history?

The coronavirus story severely crippled the whole world, including football, and the excitement around transfer windows. But it seems that summer 2021, despite fears, will be hot as a football, not only thanks to Euro 2020. The Transfer Market Comes to Life!