Messi mystically fails to score from the field for the national team. The Argentine managed to score in the match with Ecuador, but the referee canceled the goal. The last time when Lionel scored for the national team from a game was in the match against Nigeria in the 2018 World Cup.

In contrast, Lionel’s rival Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 10 field goals in his last 11 appearances for Portugal. The last time Cristiano scored against Andorra in a friendly match. The forward is only 7 goals short of becoming the top scorer in the history of national team.

Morata and VAR system are sworn enemies. The video replay system has already canceled 13 goals for the Spanish striker since the beginning of 2020.

The Spaniard has scored six times since returning from Atlético, but there could have been more goals if not for the VAR. In one Champions League match against Barça (0: 2), the referee canceled goals scored by Morata three times - Alvaro became the first player in history to score a hat-trick from goals canceled by VAR.

Morata said on Spanish TV that if he had a smaller foot size, he would have less cancelled goals. In the Champions League, his shoulder was 40 cm behind Langle, but the goal was again not counted due to the line being drawn at the elbow. In any case, there is no point in complaining, because they say it was an offside position. Next time he is going to wait another second before running.