The Champions League match Shakhtar vs. Real will take place on Tuesday, December 1, at 19:55 GMT+2.

The Real Madrid head coach Zinedine Zidane replied to journalists' questions before today's match against Shakhtar.

Zidane says 1/8 finals entirely depends on Real's performance with two good rivals. The match with Shakhtar is the most important cause three vital points can be scored in case of winning.

For the question, if so many injuries can break Azar psychologically, he replied that it's not possible. Azar is quite strong in this regard, and he will continue to work. A similar situation happens in many clubs with their players, but it's not the reason to give up but to work and move forward.

Zidane previously said that after the quarantine, he especially liked the team's desire and the zeal with which the players went to training. As we know, Real ended up winning the Spanish Championship. For the question, if such eagerness has drained after the win, Zidane said it has remained at the same level. Although it was a difficult season for all club members, there are no problems with the players' desire to work, and everyone plays with great dedication.

Zidane also mentioned that the best level of Asensio's play is possible to see when there are no pressure and expectations from him. Asensio is the person who needs to be given to play his football. After numerous injuries, he has to gain confidence and find himself.

The press has been talking a lot lately about the fact that Zidane's behavior at press conferences has changed a lot and that the reason can be injuries, team results, or criticism. However, Zidane believes that it's not true at all and says he is and will always be who he was. Sometimes he may be more satisfied, sometimes less, but he always behaves with the press in the same way.

Zidane also answered that it is not more difficult for him to coach today's Real Madrid and win with them compared to his first period of work there. He said that Real Madrid is a great club, and there may be more difficulties, but they have always been - both when he was a player, even at the best times, and when he started to coach.

For the question of what are the chances of Lunin to play and if the coach is satisfied with Andrey's work in the team, Zidane said he was very pleased with Andrey. Lunin is in the dynamics of the first team, trains well, and he just needs to be ready to play at any time and use his chance.